You want to feel peace, safe, joy. You want to feel that everything is going to be alright. We all do. We all want to know that, dont’ we. Just tell me it’s gonna be ok!

We often have a desire for the well-being of others. Particularly for those we love. And in the past several months we have the same desire for the people whose lives have been impacted by Covid-19 all over the world, as well as the people affected by the happenings surrounding George Floyd and racial injustice. There’s a lot that’s happening right now.

It brought to my mind a part in the Course of Miracles which I’ll try to convey in my own way here. If you don’t like what you’re seeing in the way of your life’s experiences – whether in your direct experience or out in the world — you cannot change it in the outer world. It’s like you’re in the theater watching a move and you don’t like what’s happening on the screen. You can’t make it different by going up to the screen and trying to change it there. No, the movie is playing in the projector booth. You have to go to the source to make a change.

If you’re wanting to be a benefit to anyone else – you first must be of benefit to yourself.

"I acknowledge that I am the object of your positive attention and I appreciate your continual gaze on behalf of my well-being. And, today, no matter where I am or where I am going, what I’m doing or who I’m doing it with, I will be in conscious awareness that you are there with me appreciating me, supporting me, assisting me, acknowledging me, inspiring me, guiding me, having fun with me, helping me, loving me, showing me, and uplifting me.",

That is trust; that is faith. So how do I live more fully in that peaceful place of KNOWING that everything is alright? I believe it’s a retraining of everything I think I know. I’ve found three (3) daily activities that help with this retraining:

  1. Meditate with intention at least 15 minutes every day
  2. Get out in nature as much as possible
  3. Find things you adore to focus on
  4. Acknowledge the power of the unseen in your life

1. Meditate with Intention

Meditate with intention at least 15 minutes every day. Let go and allow yourself to sit in the lap of the Divine while quieting your outbound thoughts. Hold the intention that joy finds you – that all you need to do is allow it. Know that spiritually profound experiences are a given and that love belongs to you because you ARE Love.

And then when you are able to reside fully in your heart for 15 minutes, consider expanding your practice. Once you are brimming with love during your practice, bring in one small thing to which you have resistance. That thing can be as simple as being annoyed that someone cut you off in traffic that morning. Notice if your vibration changes. If so, release it and return to your “love buzz.” Try again and again until you can include the “item of resistance” without noting a change in your vibration.

Another practice is to allow yourself to feel the feelings of resistance and invite those feelings and that experience to join you in this heart energy. Just sit with the resistance without telling a story, allowing it be as it is and allowing your body to process those feelings with the heart’s support. When the story starts to replay in your mind, let it go and return to the heart. You cannot be in fear and the heart at the same time and the story is usually about fear. See what happens. This is called making peace with what is.

2. Get Out in Nature

I think of the sky, the trees, birds and bears as the Divine incarnate. When you take your body into nature, you cannot help but be affected by the high vibration nature emits.

And the more time you spend, the more deeply you are affected. I have a little advice for your time in nature:

  1. Leave your phone at home. Give nature your all. Let yourself “feel” the beings you see — experience the vibrance and life force as much as you can
  2. Release your need to name things. By naming something — cardinal, hibiscus, etc.– it becomes more of a mental construct and your mind goes, “I know what that is.” That makes it difficult if not impossible, to tap into the wonder of each living thing. Be like a child.
  3. Go out everyday — rain or shine, heat or cold. You don’t have to go far or stay long. Just step into the world outside for the sake of appreciating what is.

Here are some ideas for re-training beliefs about the weather.

Weather Common Response A Different Response
Cold I can't wait until it's spring. I love time by the fire.
Rain I haven't been able to do ANY gardening. Such a relief after the drought last year. The trees are loving this.
Snow I hate driving in snow. I just love the way the trees look in the morning. I have so many lovely memories of snowy days.
Heat I hate the sweltering heat. I can't wait until fall. Because of the heat, I walk in the early morning and that's such a treat.

I was actually stunned by how powerfully effective this approach was when I first started doing it. And with that positive experience, I started applying this technique to many aspects of my life. Changing your perspective, changes everything.

3. Find things you adore to focus on

Find things to wrap in your adoration and focus on them! Why? Because you get more of whatever you focus on. The more you focus on things you appreciate, the more things you will experience that you appreciate. We live in a vibrational Universe and like attracts like.

What can you appreciate right now? Can you give your love to the grass, the bird and it’s song, and the air filling your lungs? What in this current moment can you find to be grateful for?

And give that appreciation and gratitude out loud! I was thanking the warm sun this morning: “I love the way you warm my face – even through the glass of a window on a cold winter’s day. Nothing fills me peace like your light and warmth – thank you!” And then my husband walked by and asked, “Who are you talking to?” So, there’s that LOL!

Do it anyway!

Here’s an example of choosing something you don’t want as the object of your focus:

My neighbor found a snake and pinned it with her three-pronged garden tool while scanning the area around her for a rock to kill it. While she was reaching for the rock to bash its head in, she inadvertently pivoted the garden implement just enough for the snake to make its escape. She had a lot of resistance to that snake and its presence on her property.

The next morning, I saw a snake in the water just in front of our house. Now I don’t know if it was the same snake or not, but I suggested that it stay in our yard. I told it how much I loved it and appreciated it for its "snakeness” and it slithered off -- right toward her place!  Apparently, my neighbor’s resistance (focus) was strong enough to demand the snake’s re-appearance on her property.

The strength of your focus is what determines your experience. The Universe doesn’t care whether it’s YES or NO. It only cares about giving you more of what you focus on.

4. acknowledge the unseen

Raise your vibration to higher frequencies by acknowledging the unseen forces in your life — God, the Universe, angels, light beings, Source Energy, to name a few. You may believe in those things, but what I’m asking you to do is different. I’m suggesting that you deliberately acknowledge those forces in your life daily.

Make it part of your daily practice to acknowledge these universal forces focused RIGHT AT YOU. Call them by name and say,

"I acknowledge that I am the object of your positive attention, and I appreciate your continual gaze on behalf of my well-being. And, today, no matter who I'm with or where I'm going, I will be in conscious awareness that you are there with me. appreciating me, supporting me, assisting me, acknowledging me, inspiring me, guiding me, having fun with me, helping me, loving me, showing me, and uplifting me."

If you get into this endless loop of appreciation and acknowledgment, watch what begins to happen in your life as soon as this day! The things you want to experience in your own life and in the world can be flooding into your experience. You can bring them forth actively in your experience by retraining your personal frequency.

Watch for the shift

Do you understand your own divinity — who you really are? Do you see the important role you play in the unfolding and expansion of the Universe? As you practice the steps above, your vibration will start to shift to a new place — a place that is more and more a reflection of your true, authentic self. And the more you operate from that place, the more your vibrational offering shifts not only your own life but, little by little, the frequency of the world. This gives new meaning to the concept of “oneness,” doesn’t it?

This vibrational shift also means that your ability to create what you want has also shifted into a new place, and you can rely on it becoming better and better. This does not mean there won’t be ups and downs, but it’s the WAY YOU PERCEIVE what’s happening that is important. As you refine your ability to think about what is unfolding without labeling it as “good” or “bad,” you will begin to see a leveling off of the peaks and valleys. Then by training yourself not to focus on the momentum of what could have previously sent you into a downward spiral, you will then be less impacted and begin to see opportunities in everything. When you find yourself asking, “What’s here for me,” instead of “Why is this happening to me,” you will start to understand the mantra,

Holy Shift! Everything's a Gift

Now I want to let you in on something. It may sound like all day, everyday, is a walk in the park for me — that somehow I manage to LIVE in “the zone.” But I have tailspin moments like everyone else. I think what helps is that the dips feel a less devastating, and they don’t happen as often. As I’ve begun to embody more and more of these beliefs, I find that it doesn’t take me as long when I go into a dip to realize, “Oh, isn’t this interesting. I’m out of alignment and get to do something about that.” This realization comes more and more quickly as I begin to start my downward spiral which keeps me from getting too crazy!

Yesterday I had my talk all written out — it felt exhilarating to have completed it so far in advance. I was flying high. But the next thing I knew, my computer crashed and I hadn’t yet saved the page! I actually said out loud in a panic, “I think I could throw up!”

It was my husband who said, “This is not like you. But over the last couple weeks, I think I’ve heard you say those words like three times, and I’ve NEVER heard you say that before. What’s going on?”

I realized, “Ahhhh! I’m trying to make things happen and I’m not in alignment with the flow.” I can always tell when I have decided to take over from the flow because I feel awful. I work harder and when I don’t get the results I want, I work harder still. I was definitely in a squeezed-off place dreading the idea of having to recreate what I thought was such a good talk. I felt a little betrayed to be honest. Why would the Universe take my divinely-inspired talk?!

I didn’t have time to recreate my talk at that moment, so I put it away. I trusted. I allowed.

As I started to create the new version of my talk, I came across statement after statement directing me to the “truth.” I recognized this pattern as my lesson for the day. I became aware of my limiting belief that “inspiration is limited.” I took a deep breath and dove in — letting the words flow through me rather than trying to force them to meet a deadline.

I didn’t re-create what I had. I created something better — that’s always what happens. And I was shown that inspiration is NOT limited. I impose limitation when I get in my own way.


It’s our experience of the past that creates labeling things as good or bad. Then we squeeze out the allowing – the flow, the opportunity — being revealed to us in every moment which can only be seen with our “innocent eyes.” You can decide to allow the moment to unfold with no judgement — no label of good or bad. And if you have any difficulty, invite the Divine to interpret for you — “Show me from a healed perspective how to see this differently.”

So when you notice that you’re waiting on the world to change – waiting for something to happen to make you feel better — waiting for the clouds to part and the voice of the Divine to give us direction — STOP that!

Instead pay attention to how you’re feeling. And when something is unsettling, do something to shift that energy. That is how you change the world — by changing yourself. More of your inner peace will be reflected out upon a world awaiting YOU!

You are the light of the World. YOU are the Divine Intervention you’ve been waiting for.