Melody, harmony and lyrics for a cappella singing (see sample page)

safely surrounded
on all sides by love


songs for Uplifting, healing and connection written by singer/songwriter lauren Lane Powell

3 Songs written/co-written by Kristen Hartnagel

Within these 127 pages is a positive message intended to contribute to the world of music by being of service to others — to look unflinchingly at the realm of human suffering and provide an opportunity through this music to connect to spirit, inspire, and allow.

This Songbook is the legacy of a prolific songwriter and lover of life, Lauren Lane Powell. She made people feel good. Her loving acceptance of every person right where they were was her trademark.

Nothing in the world compares to this music.

This compilation includes melody-only, harmonies, and rounds and is appropriate for piano accompaniment or a capella. Some recommended venues include:

  • Choirs of all kinds
  • Bedside singing for 2 or more people
  • Spiritual workshops and retreats
  • Group voice training
  • Family sing-a-longs
  • Community bonding

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

When we were both very young and shared a room,  we'd stay up late into the night, and Lauren would teach me how to blend our voices to hear and feel the way tones harmonize. I remember feeling for the first time what that does to your body and spirit. Weaving tones together for that effect changes you. It's an angelic sound. -- Kristen Hartnagel

Phyllis Wycliff dedicated herself to carrying out Lauren’s mission to capture this music to share with the world as Lauren’s legacy. She worked tirelessly to create every page of this book in a format that was technically perfect and would create the clearest, most complete version of each song chosen for inclusion.

It is with deep gratitude that Phyllis is recognized for her contribution to this songbook as well as her support and love for Lauren and all that she accomplished.

Thank you, Phyllis

Deb ChebatorisThreshold Singers of the South Hills, Pittsburgh, PA
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Lauren’s composition Sweet Dreams has become a standard in our repertoire. It’s lilting phrases seem to cradle everyone in the room.
Barb AdamsVashon Threshold Choir, Vashon, WA
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Lauren's precious, tender songs touch the heart of all who sing and hear them. Each has a soothing message that deeply heals. Lauren's love of life shines through and serves as a sweet gift to all.
Christine MissikBloomington Community Song Circle, Bloomington, IN
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Here lies a collection of wonderful, beautiful, soulful, nurturing songs. And fun songs, clever songs, happy songs... These songs are an easy pleasure to learn and sing, alone or together. Lauren is a most brilliant and prolific song writer.
Barbara DellenbeckEugene Threshold Choir, Eugene, OR
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Lauren's songs are full of harmony and light and musicality. They sometimes seem simple at first glance, yet when they are sung, they are complex and meaningful and beautiful.
Francesca KemperNevertheless Singers, New Albany, IN
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Lauren's compositions feature lovely, singable melodies, with inspiring lyrics that can lend themselves equally to spiritual or secular settings. Her music is accessible for singers and touching for listeners
Robin HessIndianapolis, IN
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Tender and intimate, reassuring, and powerful, Lauren’s songs will lift your spirits and remind you of what is truly important. The reflections on our deep ties to nature and spiritual wholeness is lovely and so needed. Singing Lauren’s beautiful harmonies will make you feel good, inside and out.
Dr. Venus Maher D.CSanta Rosa, CA
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Lauren is an extraordinarily talented songwriter. She brings the heart to life in melody and touches the truth deep in our souls. I love listening to the joy, humor, love and strength in her creative tunes
Linda SummersBloomington Threshold Choir, Bloomington, IN
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Lauren shares her heart in her music.

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