This is a home study designed to enhance your authentic vocal quality through easy, fun exercises. Breathing, speaking and singing like we were born to, balances, relaxes and heals the body, mind and Spirit!

Lauren Lane Powell is my dear sister. Her remarkable gifts included discovering a technique that made it possible for “everyone” to sing. For years, she traveled all over the country teaching, and when she realized the demand was greater than she could meet with workshops and seminars, she created this program. Lauren is deeply missed, but her work lives on in this engaging program.

Singing is not a gift given to a chosen few! Singing is for Every Body! Rediscovering your authentic, natural voice will be an exciting adventure of motion and emotion, of sound and soul, of healing and hope. Through these adventures you will gain insight, build strength and increase your inner peace.

If you can laugh, you can SING.
If you can sing, you can HEAL!

Can’t hit the high notes? Trouble staying on key? Can’t sing softly? Think you’re tone deaf? Think again!
Download all 4 lessons AND the 3 bonus lessons as MP3 audio NOW! (Price does not include tax)

What will be covered in the lessons?

Dorcas Trueman, Threshold Choir
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I finally learned how to breathe properly, a procedure I had tried to learn several times without success. Now my voice sounds nicer; I have lots more air; I can sing very softly when I need to; My voice never gets tired, to name a few benefits. I am grateful for being able to sing this way.
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I thought I was speaking naturally, but realized I was not breathing deeply nor using the stomach muscles fully (never really knew to do that!) I realize that as soon as I felt any type of fear, anxiety, etc. my throat would tense, and thus my speaking voice (and singing voice too actually). So by making a point to practice speaking and singing with low deep breaths and engaging the stomach muscles I can see in addition to producing a harmonious sound, I am also keeping myself centered....thus the healing effect you speak of! Amazing!!
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The lessons are almost like meditation. By focusing on the lessons my mind is there completely... Through moving the mind from daily turmoil to focusing on the lessons, getting the sound into the right space in the head, breathing the other disappears.
Kevin, Kentucky
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I practiced a few of your techniques in late Jan and early Feb. I'm sure that, in part, is why my singing to my bride got such good reviews on our wedding day! Thanks!
Roy D. Fisher
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Your singing workshop has done me wonders... I can sing about 25 or 35 songs pretty well and always remember to breathe. I love it.