Holy Shift Masterclass

Transform Self-sabotaging behaviors
into Your Ticket to Awakening

6-week Series
Group Coaching
Guided Meditations
2-Hour Deep-Dive Intensive

Something Is Missing

By everyone else’s account, you’re fine – but you know there is still something missing — something that you’re meant to do. There’s a disconnect, INCOHERENCE. You’re not working to your full potential and feel generally unfocused. Even when you experience triumphs, the satisfaction is fleeting. You often feel lost, and you can’t explain why. 

How would achieving total peace
with a defined sense of purpose
change your life?

Do You...

I Completely Understand

I know what it’s like to give everything you’ve got to whatever you’re doing and yet feel like you are robbing yourself of the only thing that really matters — your peace of mind and connection. I’ve poured myself into work, family, relationships, and, even though I felt temporarily fulfilled, I still knew I was being called to BE more.
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My soul kept whispering in my ear to be TRUER to myself, to be more INTENTIONAL, and to live more fully into a VISION OF GREATNESS. Only when I learned to quiet all the noise and tune in, could I understand the guidance I was receiving. 

I have dedicated my life to embodying Universal laws and Spiritual truths. And now, with over 3 decades of experience doing just that, it is my mission to help you do the same.

That’s exactly why I created this Holy Shift Masterclass.

You are never alone. It’s not woo-woo and fluff. It is science and spirituality in harmony, mutually illuminating and mutually dependent.

Find Your Happy Lauren

Find Your Happy

Challenge your thinking and develop skills to strengthen your imagination and creativity by using your imagination and daring to dream

Recognize Your Worth

Recognize Your Worth

Discover how to unleash your personal power by understanding and releasing that aching feeling of "not-enoughness."

Be Your Own Advocate Woman

Be Your Own Advocate

Learn how your beliefs can influence the way you are treated by others and how simple shifts can help you become your own best advocate.

No more Uncomfortable dissonance Playing Small Repeating Life Lessons Staying Trapped in the Known Wondering if you're destined for more Living in a Sea of Sameness


May 26 - June 30, 2021
11:00 AM Eastern Time

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  • 5 1-Hr Group Coaching Sessions
  • 1 1-Hr Q&A Session
  • Guided Meditations


$350 Early Bird Discount



(One-On-One Time with Kristen)

  • 5 1-Hr Group Coaching Sessions
  • 1 1-Hr Q&A Session
  • Guided Meditations


  • Weekly 30-Minute Private Sessions (1:1)
  • Unlimited access via Marco Polo App


$550 Early Bird Discount

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