Are you a boss or a leader?


Are YOU a boss or a leader?

  • Transform yourself and your business goals so they are aligned with your vision
  • Make deliberate, intentional decisions
  • See your team members for who they can become rather than who they’ve been in the past
  • Learn to foster innovation and improved performance
  • Discover the power of authentic and compassionate communications
  • Transcend the doubts and fears keeping you from getting to the next level in your business
  • Learn to overcome “imposter syndrome”

Are Peace and Connection the guiding forces in your business?

Do you want to move freely on the currents of your creativity and insight in order to create or build your business, but you find yourself consumed by the bills that just arrived or the anxiety of meeting another deadline?

Evolve Now! Leadership Coaching

The key is cultivating practices that shift your perspective allowing you to see through the lens of your indwelling wisdom and live more fully from a place of alignment and connection.

I work with both individual leaders and leaders/teams to facilitate an environment of cooperation, motivation and fulfillment. 

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